Michael Strickland of Portland is a White Supremacist

This is reposted from a now deleted tumblr blog (formerly michaelstrickland.tumblr.com). The post was deleted by tumblr with every single reblog removed. The blog shortly afterwards disappeared from the site. We suspect Strickland contacted tumblr to have this information removed. The text and images below are from the post in its entirety with slight alterations. Content Warning for transmisogyny, antiblackness, racism, islamophobia, antisemitism and much more.

Rightwing Youtube channel “Laughing at Liberals” is run by Michael Strickland of Portland, OR. He is a homophobic racist who came to the Orlando Vigil to harass members of our community in mourning after we lost so many.

Many are aware of his youtube channel and position within the right blogosphere, few have been aware of his face or name. Until recently.

Laughing at Liberals has been a site where Michael Strickland has for years silently recorded people without their knowledge of what he would be using the footage for. Many people probably assumed he was a local journalist; foolishly believing he was a safe presence. Almost no one has ever confronted him recording for nefarious reasons because why would anyone think he was anyone but a professional who was there to document the local events? This assumption allows him to be unrecognized in a room. He has a built a massive base of support because of this assumption – a petty internet empire of racist reactionaries and the alt. right.

He recently appeared at the Portland vigil for the Orlando shooting victims with a camera. His own history and his entire channel shows he doesn’t show up anywhere without turning it into a moment to create new harassment campaigns. Surely enough, one of the women who confronted him was put up on his social media to harass.



His video on Vidmax of this confrontation has him lying and obfuscating why he was there – “I’m here to mourn” and “not to mock people.” Clearly, this was false. This was his intention, as it always is everywhere he goes. Michael Strickland coming to that vigil was to document and record the people mourning the lost of our LGBT Black and Latino family members. In the context of the history of his homophobia, transmisogyny, making light of the AIDS crisis and implying gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people are “infected” as a pejorative and providing a platform for white nationalists on his youtube channel there is no reason not to think of this as a homophobic act of aggression engaged against the LGBT community only a day after the attack. His actions make it clear to me that there is little difference between him and the kind of people who legislate and attack us. What difference was there between the kind of people who inflict violence against us and him? He’s there to harm us. He was not there to mourn. He was there to attack; attack us with our wounds still open. Don’t take my word for it. Here’s evidence of his homophobia:

lal homophobia 3' lal homophobia 2 lal homophobia 1


“AIDS” + [name] is a common meme on sites such as the chans (4chan, 8chan, etc) and among alt. right and neoreactionary internet cultures. It it evident that in his casual usage of this meme that he is very aware of what it means and where it comes from. The alt. right are rightwingers who often openly embrace race realism (white supremacy) and american nationalism. Let’s not pretend his videos are harmless. He’s built a culture on his channel of white supremacism and american nationalism. He fully participates in it. A quick look on a couple of his videos shows the kind of environment he’s fostered, what audiences and demographics he seeks out or is appealed to his work. Even if you were to argue that he himself is not responsible for the actions of his viewers he knowingly uploads videos to an audience that is white supremacist and this is directly placing the lives of people of color, trans women and queer people in immediate danger. 

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How did we find out it was Michael Strickland? Easy. He was identified as such in 2013 in this article.

michael 1

michael 2

michael 3

michael 4

Screenshot 7:8:16, 12:19 AM-3

michael 6

michael 7


Screenshot 7:8:16, 2:06 AM

Screenshot 7:8:16, 2:01 AM

He has been banned from KBOO Radio Station (as seen above) under the name of Michael Kirkland. This is an error. His name is actually Michael Strickland. Spread the name of this homophobe and racist. He is dangerous to our communities, he appears hoping no one knows who he is or will not question his presence with a videocamera. Do not be fooled. He is a threat closely associated with local “race realists” and white nationalists such as Vladimir Kolychev. He frequently attends protests, meetings, film discussions in town and at colleges and now showing up to vigils – to find material to put up for his nazi friends speaking of RaHoWA (Racial Holy War). Make sure everyone knows his name and his face. Make sure he can’t be in a public space without anyone knowing who he is, what he’s done and make damn sure he can’t upload another video easily ever again.

After this information was posted originally on tumblr he made a series of tweets on his Laughing at Liberals account proclaiming his innocence, including statements such as “my boss is gay” and “I support gay people when they’re attacked by leftists,” and attempted to contact numerous LGBT leaders to “clear his name.” We know better. He was recently arrested for drawing a gun during a Don’t Shoot PDX and Black Lives Matter rally. He is armed and dangerous. Keep your eyes open. His camera is watching you; so blind it.